Thursday, November 29, 2012

"THE MOORE" officially PIGDOG(ed)

Three cool things about today... 1) Got to hang with my good buddy Danny Geary.  2) Officially, "THE MOORE" [childrens] apparel from early 1900's was uncovered on the Vintage Workwear blog via Nicole Witty.  Currently, doing my best to procure this shirt, but if ya'll know of any other vintage pieces out there, please send 'em my way, and... (Editors note 12/6/12: Apparently, Ms Witty was told by the sellers this shirt fetched more than $2000...SOLD!  Clearly to someone with deep pockets...  if anyone else finds any vintage with this label inside and a slightly less aggressive sticker price, please let us know, thanks.)

...3) The Critical Corner and all of her blessings were bestowed upon Mr. Geary and myself in a series of hang-on-fer-yer-life and keep-your-eyes-focused-on-the-exit PIGDOG delights... the new perspective courtesy of the lovely Ms Ross.  Lauren, to be exact...

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