Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A lesson in disappointment, or road-trippin' vicariously through our friend's instagrams...

Either way you frame it, Thanksgiving weekend will go down as a learning experience for our entire family.  Basically, the fire hydrant just steps from the General Store was taken out early on Wednesday morning before the long weekend, and just hours before our much-needed first family road trip out of LA for months.  Let's just say we didn't make it, and the kids were disappointed in not getting "to see the Golden Gate bridge for the first time," but the big kid writing this post was probably more bummed than anyone 'cause we all just wanted an escape from LA, some cinnamon toast at Trouble Coffee,  and some good Nor-Cal vibes .  But the universe had other plans for us, and Hannah rolled up her sleeves and worked her butt off over the Holiday to get General Store back open by business hours on Friday. Bottom line is that we can get back up to San Fransisco anytime (hopefully over Christmas),  but if we can get through a flood like this right before the busiest retail weekend of the year, we can get through anything!  Inspired work babe.  Here's "the geyser" just before Jesse Faen called me at work to see if we knew our 1930's building was being flooded... thanks for the heads up Jess!

And since we didn't make it out of the city, I lived vicariously through the beautiful outdoor images posted by some of my favorite instagramers... here's a few selections along with their gramer handles so you can follow them too...
 @scott_trattner ...Sausalito vibes! 
 ...if you can get through the fog of similar seaborne snaps clogging yer' feed after a surf with @marksurfsbig, every now and then there is a moment of brilliance, like this Loch Ness Monster above....
...and after a hard weekend's work, Hannah talked us into a hike slightly east of our roots.  Here's a little family capture.  The challenge is to get closer next time!

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