Monday, March 24, 2014

Crazy bearded dude made the cut...

It's not everyday that you get to grace GQ's landing page with dudes like Brad Pitt, but I'll take it!  The whole POP Studio staff have worked so hard on M.Nii and today we were recognized as one of GQ's best new menswear designers in America for 2014!  CRAZY TIME (insert party horns here)... they tailored me up pretty snug in this pic (YIKES!), but I'm really honored to be recognized with such talented gents.  You can check it out online at GQ here.  And special thanks to our whole team for all the hard work and dedication and appreciate Chris Mosier & Justin Coates for jumping in the photo. Looking forward to some fun times ahead creating this collection with GQ & GAP...

Damn we snug...Thems some tight kits...

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kinfolk | Familia

Kinfolk - Pacific Rhythms from We Are The Rhoads on Vimeo.

A little film directed by dynamic duo We Are The Rhoads and filmed and edited by cool dude Russell Brownley to accompany the latest issue of Kinfolk.  Stoked on making some new friends and Thatcher Ave memories captured on film.  What they didn't catch on film was me falling with Costa in my arms skating into the garage when we were wrapping up...


Tomorrow night, Friday the 6th, two people who inspire me greatly are coming together, Rene Holguin and Jay Carroll, to present images created from a road trip they did to the Arizona desert a year ago.  Above is a screen shot from a short film Jay previewed for me today.  Should be an amazing evening of inspiration and good vibes in one of my favorite enviornments in LA.... RTH.

Monday, March 3, 2014

WE NEEDED THE RAIN, and it brought the filth and surf with it...

And you better believe I risked a scratchy throat and all kinds of runoff disease to get some!!!

#MyChambrayInspiration Coast-Wide Giveaway

Coast-Wide is giving something away, and here's what you have to do.  Go to our inspirational mood board online we call "THE BLUE ROOM" at and check out what inspires us!  Then find an image (or two or three) that inspires you as it relates to our cosmically crafted world of chambray and art.  Post the image on your instagram feed and tag the following three things #myCHAMBRAYinspiration #cosmicallyCRAFTED and @Coast_Wide. Starting Today, we'll start posting our favorites on The Blue Room.  And by the end of this week, the creative team behind Coast-Wide will pick our favorite image and post it on instagram and let you know that you WON the shirt above.  It's not easy to produce these limited run shirts in Los Angeles, and within each collection there are a few styles that never make it into production.  And this is one of those styles that never made it past the sample stage, we call is the "VISIONARY" and there are ONLY TWO
that will ever exist and we're sending you one directly from the design room if your submission is our favorite.  It's a women's size small, so either it will fit you perfectly or you can give it to someone you love. Don't forget to include #myCHAMBRAYinspiration #cosmicallyCRAFTED and @coast_wide with your post. Let's create some new history together!