Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Jamie Brisick

Anyone who knows me well, understands the influence Raymond Pettibon has had on me over the years. Like most things in my life, I am sure I have Kyle Field to thank for this. All one must do is take a quick stroll through this blog, look at the walls of our house (show posters), our disheveled bookshelves or neatly tucked album covers in my collection for confirmation. So I had a mean streak of envy when I discovered my friend Jamie Wrestling Elephants...

November 7th, 2010

Of all my great achievements (trick-or-treating OJ Simpson’s house; five stitches to the chin after failed Evel Knievel-inspired launch over three Tonka trucks on Huffy BMXer; 7th place Meadow Oaks Summer School Hot Dog Eating Contest; tiles at Marina Dog Bowl; Tae Kwon Do yellow belt; stage dive Dead Kennedys Whiskey; cocaine seizure behind the wheel of powder blue ’66 Karmann Ghia; back-to-back pizza deliveries to John McEnroe and Charlie Sheen in ’86; premature ejaculation with Alexis from Heidi Fleiss’ stable ($800/hr, non-refundable); sushi with Madonna circa Like A Virgin; Mile High Club Pan Am Flt 104 JFK-DeGaulle; stalking, cornering, revelling in for maybe a year then killing perfectly good love, repeatedly; front row The Who reunion tour; on-time alimony payments seven months and counting; et al), this might be the sweetest:

Jamie sent me some reading material on this very subject a while back and I think it's time I dig in over the holidays. Would love to see this in person soon Jamie. Be Well...

A Process of Becoming

You can see pics of Nat & Katsuo's opening here.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Cup of Mornin' Joe...that's how I Roll

So much goodness coming from this mug it's radiating chromatic scribbles of love from Lennon.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mind Dreamin'

An Exhibition of Nathaniel Russel & Katsuo Design. Opening this coming Friday, December 10th from 7pm until 10pm at POPgallery. As always, plenty to drink and good people to hang out with. Niki the DJ is back and we'll even have the Mandoline Grill Vietnamese Truck parked conveniently outside the door.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Gone Today, Back Next Week

Alia Penner and Christi Johnson are leaving the POPgallery today after an awesome month. We should have the images from the opening up here soon.

Next Friday, December 10th the amazing Katsuo Design and Nat Russel join us in the POPgallery. In the meantime, check out Nat's Crooked Arm. We'll get the show card circulating soon!