Thursday, November 29, 2012

"THE MOORE" officially PIGDOG(ed)

Three cool things about today... 1) Got to hang with my good buddy Danny Geary.  2) Officially, "THE MOORE" [childrens] apparel from early 1900's was uncovered on the Vintage Workwear blog via Nicole Witty.  Currently, doing my best to procure this shirt, but if ya'll know of any other vintage pieces out there, please send 'em my way, and... (Editors note 12/6/12: Apparently, Ms Witty was told by the sellers this shirt fetched more than $2000...SOLD!  Clearly to someone with deep pockets...  if anyone else finds any vintage with this label inside and a slightly less aggressive sticker price, please let us know, thanks.)

...3) The Critical Corner and all of her blessings were bestowed upon Mr. Geary and myself in a series of hang-on-fer-yer-life and keep-your-eyes-focused-on-the-exit PIGDOG delights... the new perspective courtesy of the lovely Ms Ross.  Lauren, to be exact...

Monday, November 26, 2012

A thousand Nightmarish thanks yous...

I wanted to extend the gratitude of the entire POP studio staff to all of the amazing artists who contributed to A Nightmare on Helms Street at the POPgallery this past October 26th.  Together, we raised over $3300 for the Spirit of Children program, and we could not have done this without all of your generous submissions.  Unfortunately, I missed the event as I was in Japan, but I picked up these four Skull monoprints by Camilla Taylor on my return.  You can see more of the works and images from the opening event by clicking archives section of the POPgallery here. And a very special thanks go out to Megan Godfrey, Mike McMullen and Cheryl Humphreys for their efforts in conceptualizing and organizing this show, and to Lovefingers for supplying the soundtrack to the evening.  Here's to hoping this becomes an annual event. 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Matt Sohl “Exploited Artist” at POPgallery, November 16th

Matt Sohl “Exploited Artist” at POPgallery
November 16th through December 21st
Opening Reception, November 16th 7pm to 10pm

Matt Sohl (b. 1978) is a Brooklyn based artist, originally from New Egypt, New Jersey. He began his career at an early age re-drafting religious pamphlets meant to spread the "word of god" with a subtle mocking tone. However, none of the artwork survives, and the religious sect denies any connection with Sohl. His most recent work is guileless, but informed by commerciality and comodifying art. Add to this a keen sense of humor, a puzzling intellect, and a superstitious nature, and you'll start to understand how he exploits objects, and their symbolism to share his personal mythology. 

Sohl's vibrant and lighthearted works have been exhibited, published, and consumed around the world, both in the commercial realm and privately through intimate candlelit showings. The "exploited artist" showcases a broad selection of works ranging from smaller sketches on hotel stationary, large works on paper, industrial strength photographs, digital film projections, useful items like shoes, and personal relics including a million dollar guitar.
Just like Matt Sohl, this collection of objet d’art is reflective of a charming and entertaining invitation into his world, at the same time sarcastic, cynical and overflowing with positivity. 

We love art. We love imaginative thinking, organic experimentation, collaborative environments and the incubation of new ideas. Art inspires everything we do, and inspiration is a vital element of our daily needs. POPgallery provides an environment dedicated to artists, both emerging and established, whose work we are honored to present. Artists in all mediums are invited to show here, and our space functions as a vessel for the artist’s vision.  One hundred percent of the profits from the space go directly back to the artists.

In the coming week, we will be posting images and the progression of the build-out of this show on instagram using the hashtag #theEXPLOITEDartist, culminating in a crescendo of digital noise during the opening reception on November 16th.  We hope you’ll join in the chorus.

Here's an easy to lift invite / show flyer / artist bio... print out a bunch on your company xerox machine, or maybe hit up your local drug store and make a few copies for a dime a piece and pass 'em out at school, work, the parking lot or the coolest corner in your neighborhood.  Invite your best friends and a few people you've been trying to get to know better.  And you can post this on your digital social vice of choice...

Don't forget about the private viewing, for serious collectors only, from 6:59pm to 7:00pm before the opening.