Thursday, November 8, 2012

A bunch of Surf Junkies all got together...

The "Surf Junkie" show went down at the POPgallery back on August 28th showcasing the artwork of Kevin Butler, Herbie Fletcher, Ned Evans & Dane Peterson.  Our close friend and brilliant photographer, Lauren Ross, shot the beautiful images on this post, and we finally got around to editing them together with some other submits for our POPgallery archives here

The Man of the afternoon, Kevin Butler, and his Rad Cars with Surfboards on them.

Many thanks to the amazing contributions of artists Ned Evens (pictured above),  Herbie Fletcher, Dane Peterson and Kevin Butler.

I'll take any opportunity to jump in the frame with Mike Russ, a man I hold in the highest regard!

Many thanks to our friends at Deus Venice for supplying the Handsome caffeine.

And the amazing photographs of Dane Peterson behind me on the wall... Finally, Special Thanks go out to CharlesAdler, Randy Hild, Lauren Woodward, Shawn Weiland, Mark Wiesmayr and the Lemonade Gang…Eileen, Lennon, Ever, Lake and Reza!  Without your friendship, support and generous contributions, this show would not have happened!  For more images and future shows, tune into the POPgallery archives here.

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