Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Somewhere Out There...

This spot shall remain nameless, but Sunday was unforgettable.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Will return shortly...

Due to lots and lots of projects up, down and off the California coast I have found it difficult to tend to the bonfire crop. Lot's to harvest when I finally get a chance to sit down and thoughtfully consider everything that is going on - some things are a bit chaotic at the moment and other things are downright exciting! And the inspiration is surely flowing. So sit back and enjoy that next latte and the bonfirebeachkids will return shortly..

Monday, June 21, 2010

And it's a wrap!

Feeling pretty blessed yesterday!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's all in the details...

What an amazing night last night. Turning Heads and Game Seven ended up working out just fine in the end. Great times all around with friends, family, amazing food, and we even sold 43 of Elizabeth's amazing Owls!!! There are still many more to see (and buy) so come during the week any time until July 22nd. And stay tuned for more info on a closing party...

(Once I collect myself and some images from last night, we'll post them here)

It's all in the details (continued)...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tonight....Turning Heads & Game 7 @ POPgallery

Dear Friends and Family - TONIGHT, we are honored to present original owl paintings and illustrations by Elizabeth Saven aptly titled Turning Heads at the POPgallery. About two months ago, we met Elizabeth and discovered her beautiful, whimsical and optimistic owls of all shapes and sizes, and she has been busy ever since preparing more than 150 new works for sale this Thursday, June 17th until July 22nd. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.

So please stop by the POPgallery early on Thursday evening from 5pm onward for a drink on your way to watch game seven. Or better yet, bring your party here as we will have the game streaming live and plenty of snacks and beverages to keep your spirits alive until the final buzzer rings. Not that you'll need the game or the beverages once you see the amazing body of work that Elizabeth has created.

So we'll see you tomorrow night for Elizabeth's amazing owls, tons of inspiration, friends, family, food, drinks and the Lakers!!! (Celtics too.)

No excuses, see you tomorrow...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Bureau of Sewers in a Bowl of Roses...

Everyone shares the Rainbow (Mustachio)...

Le Mustache rides again...

World Cup Questions:
1. Does Australia even get credit for being in the match today??? Or do they get a do-over? Like if you lose by four, it's so bad that it doesn't count and they let you try again. I think that should be the rule...

2. How's Robert Green feeling today?

(Go Lakes!)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thanks for everything Coach!

Onto overtime upstairs...the greatest "teacher" of the greatest game ever! Thanks for everything Coach!

Turning Heads at the POPgallery, June 17th - July 22nd

Turning Heads June 17th - July 22, 2010
Elizabeth Saven
Press Release & Artist Bio

Turning Heads
Elizabeth Saven
June 17 - July 22, 2010
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 17, 2010, 7-9pm

Benefiting Doctors Without Borders

Artist Bio
Originally from Chicago, Elizabeth Saven studied graphic design at The University of Denver, a focus that began largely on a whim. Much to her own surprise, she quickly went from being totally inexperienced to winning Best of Show in the student art exhibit the following year. After graduating, Elizabeth was catapulted into the design world of television, landing her first full time job with CBS News in Chicago. After 2 successful years, the news magazine show EXTRA brought her to Los Angeles as the Assistant Art Director. Soon after, she was promoted to Art Director, where she was responsible for the total reinvention of look and feel of the show. In 1998, Elizabeth took a creative leap and was hired at the progressive broadcast design company Fuel in Santa Monica. There she worked as an Art Director on many high profile design projects, including work for NBC, MTV, Bravo, Coca Cola, Burger King, The Slamdance Film Festival, and a number of other celebrated ad campaigns. After seven years in the TV industry, Elizabeth wanted a change, which led her to launch her own independent design business, for which she created corporate identities as well as package design. In 2002 Elizabeth married, and two years later she and her husband, Jonathan had their first son, Asher, who was soon followed by their second son, Liam, in 2005. While mothering small children, Elizabeth was often struck by how difficult it was to find the kind of art she would have wanted for her sons’ bedrooms, so she began creating modern baby prints; these quickly caught the attention of many parents she knew, and thus Fancy—a business that sells modern printed pieces to design-savvy moms and dads—was born. In a flash of inspiration, Elizabeth one day decided to turn off the computer and pick up the paintbrush because she needed a change from the confines of technology-based design—perhaps an inevitable transition considering that she comes from a maternal lineage of painters. Starting with owls because of how drawn she is to their simple form and natural beauty, Elizabeth utilizes years of experience with composition, contrast, color and shape to bring the paintings to life with her own quirky and whimsical angle. “Turning Heads” is Elizabeth’s first one-woman show. She continues to paint with inspiration, curiosity and wide eyes.