Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Single Green Ping Pong Table

A really handsome, sturdy and confident Ping Pong table is looking for a consistent and loving relationship in a new home. This particular table is a very dapper green, with a very stout net, four competition wood paddles and perfectly round balls to play with. Ping Pong is a global sport that is admired by royalty and common folk alike, and can be played in white sports shoes or even bare foot. Working up a sweat while playing is encouraged. This particular table is currently residing in our garage (Thatcher Ave Center Court, Venice Beach) under a well lit chandelier. Anyone who wants to come and pick it up can have it for free! We will (of course) assume you will give it lots of attention and a long life of enduring love. A competitive spirit is necessary! First come, first served (literally, we're playing a game before you take it!)...

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