Monday, December 7, 2009

This Friday Night...

Dear Friends - I am very excited to invite you to our second show at the POPgallery this coming Friday, December 11th from 7-9pm. The show is called Shameless, Nameless & Recycled and it's a special event as we are raising money for two great local charities this holiday season, the Downtown Women's Center and Children's Institute, inc. Absolutely every single dollar spent goes directly to the charity of your choice, so please bring your checkbooks and you can make your checks payable directly to the charity. Unfortunately, we will not accept cash or credit.

Personally, I reached out to some of the artists who have inspired me the most over the last few years (in some cases, a lifetime) and I'm very honored to say that all of them have contributed to this amazing show. The studio staff have done the same, so the roster of contributors represents a global collection of creatives across a wide spectrum of subjects. The pieces represent every medium you can imagine, and they are all great in their own right....and as a body of work this show will be incredibly inspiring!!! The details will be laid out clearly below, but it's important to note that the artists have all donated their work, which enables us to sell every piece for 100 bucks. Yes, this is an incredible value considering how accomplished these talented artists are. It's a great opportunity to collect something with an air of intrigue - each piece will be shown Nameless and shall remain Nameless even in the catalogue that will be available to order at the show and online. The catalogue will come with an anonymous quote from each artist about their work.

As is always the case with our events, this event will be very low on production. We'll have some serve-yourself wine and beer, and the invites are very friendly - just emails and word of mouth, so please help us spread the love by forwarding this email or letting your friends know about the event! Lovely DJ Nico will be gracing us with her turntable skills once again and will be accompanied by Holy D. Drummond later in the evening.

I wanted to also take this opportunity to personally thank every artist for their generosity and support. You were hardly given a month to prepare and all of your follow-through has been incredible! From all of us at the POP Studio and Gallery, we really appreciate your participation this year and hope that this is only the beginning of great collaborations to come! I'm certain I speak for the charities as well.

So yeah, we're really excited! This should be a great night and a concept that is very creative and inspiring for everyone involved - the artists, the viewers and the charities.

See you Friday,
Juan Mas

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