Saturday, December 5, 2009

Erika Somogyi

When I was speaking with Matt Sohl about NY artists he would nominate for Shameless, Nameless & Recycled he told me to check out Erika Somogyi. Anyway, I did, and instantly I was drawn to her work and now we are honored to have her contributing to next weeks show for Charity. Crazy thing is that I was just on her site ( and this last image above was heavily referenced for a project I have been working on, and I had no idea it was Erika's. I love how these strange occurrences happen everyday more and more. It's not that the world is so small, it's that awesomeness always finds awesomeness. Matt is awesome, so of course, he would open up our eyes to new awesomeness. Anyway, Go to her site and check out her sculptures too...awesomeness! Thanks Matt!!!

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