Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Twist for Friday Night - Early entrance for 100 Bucks! It's all for charity!!!

OK Friends, It's all for Charity so we've introduced a little twist for Friday's event at the POPgallery! We have had an overwhelming response for Friday night's show entitled Shameless, Nameless & Recycled...In fact, there have been many request for previews, pre-sales or absentee purchases. We've decided that if any of this occurs, it is in direct conflict with the concept of the show. So in the interest of the integrity of the show, the democratic nature of the event and the overwhelmingly affordable pricing, we will not allow anyone to preview the artwork in advance under any circumstances. Remember, this is for Charity so we are playing by the rules!!! For those of you who want a head start, this is for you:

Early entrance for 100 Bucks!

The Gallery will open an hour early at 6pm for the entrance fee of 100 Bucks payable to the charity of your choice. There will be a queue at the door before 6pm which will be first come, first served. This 100 hundred dollar non-refundable entrance fee will be in effect until 7pm, so if you arrive at 6:45pm and want to come in you'll pay 100 Bucks. Absolutely everything will be available for purchase at 6pm. Nothing will have been pre-sold. This includes all of the studio staff and family in the studio. This early entrance fee is per person (not including children). In other words, if a couple enters the gallery, they will both pay 100 Bucks. If you don't want to pay, no worries, simply come at 7pm and I'm sure there will still be some amazing pieces left and the drinks will be free all night!

Absolutely no artist names will be disclosed!

We truly believe in the anonymous nature of this event and want everyone to have the opportunity to buy the work they love, not simply because of the artists who created them! Although, we are pretty keen on this amazing group and are forever in debt to each and everyone of them for contributing. It will be fun to try and figure out who did what, but under no circumstances will any members of the studio staff disclose the artists names. (In most cases, even the studio staff is not aware of the artists attached to each piece anyway!)

Look before you buy! If you pull the sticker off the shelf, it's yours!
Come into the gallery, grab a beer and browse the artwork - know what you want before you buy it. Each piece will have a small sticker below it, on the shelf. Once you decide that you want to purchase one of the pieces grab the numerical sticker for the piece and go see one of the studio staff members to purchase the work. If you want multiple pieces, feel free to grab multiple stickers, but look carefully before you buy, 'cause once you pull the sticker off, you bought the piece! Congratulations!

Checks will only be excepted! No Cash / No Credit!

Yes, that's right. You'll have to dust off your check book for this event. We are raising money for two great local charities this holiday season, the Downtown Women's Center and Children's Institute, inc. Absolutely every single dollar spent goes directly to the charity of your choice, so please bring your checkbooks and you can make your checks payable directly to the charity. Unfortunately, we will not accept cash or credit under any circumstances.

The Show remains up until January 30th!

We also want to avoid any confusion, but you will not be able to leave with your pieces Friday night. I'm sorry if this puts a damper on Holiday gift giving, but with the advancements of digital technology, we will happily email you an image of the piece for your reference during gift giving. The pieces will remain in the POPgallery until the end of the show on January 30th, 2010. We will coordinate with every buyer to make sure they get their pieces when the show comes down. We will either coordinate to have you pick them up here at the studio or we can have them shipped to you, but you will be responsible for shipping. January 30th will be here in no time, and during the next six weeks people will be able to enjoy the gallery who were not able to make the opening.

That's it folks! We are really looking forward to this event and hope that you'll all kindly understand why we laid out the guidelines above. Let's be honest, all of this adds an extra element of fun and gives us the opportunity to raise a few extra dollars for those who are less fortunate than us this Holiday season.

So there you have it, it's an even playing field if you get here by 6pm. Please pass on this email and the invite below to your art loving friends and we look forward to seeing all of you Friday night!

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