Tuesday, February 7, 2012

South Corner Société Anonyme

Rain or shine, good waves or bad waves, there are a group of us that gather at the south corner most mornings...not the best wave in the world (or even our neighborhood)...but it's all ours, pretty damn consistent and the company is solid. A couple of them...namely @kbut & @marksurfsbig (hint, go to instagram), document the whole aging circus with their lifeproof iPhone water-houses...yes, all of the images are shot with their iPhone, in the water. Ugly sleds, frothy pits and shit water. Come on over...

(above top-to-bottom: @bonfirebeachkids, @studio_sloan, @marksurfsbig & @bonfirebeachkids respectively at the corner on Sunday. I speak instagram now)

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