Friday, February 24, 2012

Some cool buzz on the world wide web today..."Everything Fits's into the Pack" - VSTR's collaboration with Partners & Spade...and The Legendary Randy Hild spreading ALOHA... (and by the way, print is NOT DEAD!!!)

OK, for starters not everything is digital these days...Yusuke & Mel (@carp38) are buzzing on Volume 1 of the VSTR Newspaper...(those are actual real newspapers, this image was not Photoshopped or manipulated in any way!)

COOL HUNTING did a COOL piece on the VSTR / Partners & Spade collaboration...including a sneak peak at the stowable lightweight hammock about it and see some more pics here. And click onto some contributor love at

And the legend, Mr. Randy Hild raises two glasses to wax poetic about his past, and just a little insight into the future here...

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