Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Channeling D. Hynd... Spooky Hallow's Eve Finless Zombie slides with friendly mammals. I shall be released!

So this weekend, the surf was tiny. And the positive thing about the Pacific ocean looking like a lake Michigan, is that it pushes you to improvise for fun factor...thus pulling fins out of boards, and inviting a few friendly mammals along for the ride...Doug, Mal, a school of dolphins and a big ass lion seal, and Mark caught it all on film. And we kept getting buzzed by crazy little beach birds that skitter just inches above the water in flocks of hundreds...each time their trajectory changes, their wings flash the colors of the sun, sky and water. And the water was extremely clear by the way. This happens, when there is next to no surf to stir up the sedimentary layer of garbage on the Venice beach floor. And when it's this clear, you get to see the sharks swim up before they bite your toes off...

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