Saturday, June 25, 2011

As the city closed in on us, we made our way to the arm pit of Brooklyn...

Actually, two armpits...wachoo gunna du'bout it?!?

I'm sitting on a plane, blogging - my digital excuse for why I haven't opened my sketchbook lately. And to set the record straight ('cause I know so many of you care), I am no longer feeling self-conscious about my usage of Hipstamatic. In fact, I’m embracing this shit! My purist photo friends are haters…but come on, really??? Did Polaroid kill the camera? No way, the instant gratification and happy accidents just made things cooler. And I’ve been stealing beauty since the first edition of the free camera bag app, then the second edition, then the slightly cooler Lo-Mob, and over the last few months I played with Cross Process to some interesting results. So then I started seeing Hipstermatic pics all over Facebook and I was basically acting like I was too cool. But then I realized, I'm on Facebook, so why should I care about cool. I already sold my soul, so I took the money and cashed in a buck ninety-nine and went to town (actually back to the city again). Honestly, 50 hours in NYC looked a lot cooler through my latest digital pariah...Yeaaaaaahhhhh Matey, Sick As!

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