Saturday, May 14, 2011

To Japan with Love...You are my Sun, Shine.

A few weeks ago, Yusuke Tsukamoto's lovely wife Niki Livingston put on a benefit art show at space 15 Twenty in Hollywood to raise money for Japan. The last I heard, the tally was already upwards of eight thousand bucks...pretty amazing! Niki also happens to spin records at most POPgallery openings, so we are always down to support "the cause", and a bunch of talented hands from the studio donated their works...
Being a surfer, we naturally analyze every millimeter of a wave. After the first images of the destruction in Japan came over the wires, I saw this unbelievable aerial footage of the Tsunami in the open ocean headed for the coast. Already knowing what lied ahead, this footage hit me in a very powerful way. These forces of nature were immeasurable, just like the tole they eventually took. As creatives, we have always pulled great inspiration from the people and culture of Japan…now it is time to give back.

Katsuo Design (aka Yusuke Tsukamoto)

I was lucky enough to be the highest bidder on two of Nat Russel's pieces!!!

Chris Johanson (I'm pretty sure this piece took in the most money in the silent auction).

Amazing night for an incredible cause. Very inspiring Niki...thank you.

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