Sunday, May 15, 2011

I like 'em Short & Fat...

...and maybe a little crazy. So when Mason showed up at the studio a couple weeks with this freak of nature, I was instantly intrigued.
So much so, that I offered to babysit, and take care of his new ride while he headed down to Mexico for the week. Honestly, it seemed like the right thing to do.
I obsessed about the way this board would ride on my frontside, even though I was destined to surf it at first point with 100 of my friends, or closed-out Venice. The surf happened to be good the week I was "on duty", but the work was also overflowing. I elected to ride other boards at Malibu 'cause I didn't want to bruise Mason's new sculpture, although Jesse Faen was destroying Malibu on this very board the day before Mason left it with me (see it below). Anyway, I finally ended up riding this in a flood-tide in very small Venice, but I did get to my toes (after a few fun waves prone...this sled is a few inches longer than your first boogie board). That said, I did feel the glide and it was everything I had hoped for. All I need now is about "three more inches" (go ahead, make your jokes), and a custom order from the man himself. We had the pleasure of having Manny (Manuel C. Caro), drop by for the opening of Sunset Circles and he spoke about fine tuning the different elements of this board for my pending order. I could see the sparkle in his eyes as well...he's created a very beautiful thing here. Thanks Mason for the spark, and Manny for the hand-crafted inspiration!

Jesse Faen doing this board some justice at First Point.

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