Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hannah & Haines (H&H Sunset)

This is the Venice Version of wintertime. What you can't see are the sand sleds in the foreground and the kids covered in sand from head to get a hint of the minimal layering of clothing (the slim silhouettes might give it away?)...What you can see is the January sun dipping into end of the pier, creating a stunning horizon, the ninth one in as many days, and note the walls of water marching in (the same swell that kept us occupied for four days last weekend, and the third swell in as many weeks). I am in NY at the moment and the set-up is slightly different, although the optimism is inspiring. LA and NY seem to both be off to a good start this year...

(Sunsets have to be the number one photographed image globally, right? These are just blurry iphone pics, but every time I shoot a sunset, I feel a bit cheesy...)

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