Sunday, October 19, 2008

How to get a girlfriend...

Start by not trying at all...this is super key! Just sit around looking like the cool dude you are...all chilled out!
And then if you see a stylish hottie rolling by, you sort of just give her a "what's up" glance. You know, not too much, just a nod. A gesture that says, "you got something girl, and I'm letting you know it."
9 Times out of 10, if you played parts one and two correctly, she's going to feel your confident, "I'm cool with or without you vibe." She's locked in now.
But as we dudes know, girl's are emotional creatures and you sort of have to go with the flow. Basically, if they get bummed, you just roll with it. Always take the blame. Just sort of absorb it and keep being your cool self!
In the end, you played it just right Hunter. Lennon looks pretty damn happy! (Now, keep your grubby little hands off her mate!!!)

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