Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Do you copy?

Capt Don - Yes, this is Nancy-Seven-Six-Nine-Juliet-Sierra and we’re holding at 14,500 ft, Roger that....

Chris - Tower to N769JS! Your bird is cabable of more 30 degree bank. Over! Nice shots! Over!

Capt Don - You wish it was 30 degrees bud....try 65 degrees, I made sure of it. And you blew it for not coming with us....heavy carves and negative G dives where everything in the plane was floating (weightless) as if in space. You wouldn't have been able to handle the G's so you're actually lucky you didn't go...

Chris - I want a shot of the attitude indicator, not how good your hair looks at 10,500!

Capt Don - no problem, I'll send it over when I get home from work tonight. Any other shots you want?

Chris - That will do, thanks!

Chris - And don’t go google one either!

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