Friday, August 22, 2008

15 minutes at Fred Segal

So everyone is asking what 15 minutes at Fred Segal is??? It's a new retail concept shop that my dear friend Jeannine and I have partnered up on at Fred Segal where she has owned Fred Segal flair for 16 years. I thought I would just post the story as Jeannine and I wrote it. This is an ever evolving project...something brand new every "15 minutes...

Jeannine & John
Every 15 minutes Jeannine Braden and John Moore are inspired to jump into 15 new projects. Call it what you will – too much energy or just bubbling ambition, they are not content to simply do their day-jobs. They’ve been discussing collaborating together since they met in the Fred Segal parking lot ten years ago. With a shared love of everything California, and a common approach to the creative process it was destined to be something worth checking out. 15 minutes marks their first joint venture, combining their respective talents…she is a wunderkind retailer, boho beach stylist, punk-rock devotee, and gem-finder with an eye that would humble the world’s greatest stylists; he is a creative director phenom, designer, artist, surfer and flea market diver. This cross-pollination of art, fashion, music and the beach is stirring up a creative clash so original that it’s bound get everyone’s attention.

The Designers & Artists
15 minutes is not just a space, but also a blank canvas to showcase both designers and artists at every turn. Everyone loves discovering a new gem! We search high and low to find the best under-the-radar designers and give them the ultimate opportunity to introduce their vision to the market…we love their independent spirit and rebellious energy! We will also showcase some of our all-time favorite designers in a new way, allowing them to experiment with space, art, music and design, exploring a complete vision to compliment their collections. Some of these well-known designers have already established themselves on the retail landscape, 15 minutes allows them an opportunity to experiment - a canvas to showcase their vision in a new context. Every designer’s creative impulses and guilty pleasures will be indulged! The artist chosen might be an emerging talent or an international superstar, but will always share a relationship with the showcased designer – sometimes through a collaboration, sometimes through a shared vision or sometimes simply due to a common aesthetic. Photographers, graphic artists, painters, illustrators, sculptors, furniture designers, architects, directors, poets, musicians and writers are all welcomed to share this conceptual space.

The Experience
15 minutes is a tangible portal into a designer’s vision – an environment where the consumer or devotee can look, touch, smell, hear and wear all aspects of the designer’s concept. We know that each designer has a distinct vision, and in the normal retail channels this vision is never fully realized. Their collections are cherry picked by the traditional retail buyer; their vision becomes fragmented and never reaches the consumer. Consider 15 minutes your invitation to be sitting in the front row of your favorite designer’s fashion show, flipping through their creative notebooks, listening to their ipod, or even taking a step into their closet. Our intention is not to edit, but rather to curate each designer and artist’s newest body of work as if they were showing in a gallery. We will not refer to the experience as a pop-up, but rather as a show or installation. 15 minutes shares a designer’s intrinsic soul!

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