Friday, August 23, 2013

Bring Into Being

Bring Into Being at POPgallery
An Interrelation of Works by Christi Jay & Cheryl Louise Humphreys
September 6th, 2013 - October 11th, 2013
Artists Reception Friday, September 6, 2013 7pm to 10pm
3505 Helms Ave Culver City, California

Press Release & Artist Bios
Through the exploration of surrendering control to their mediums, Christi Jay & Cheryl Louise Humphreys come together as a single force for Bring Into Being. Starting with elemental materials and the qualities they inherently possess, both artists respond to them with a disciplined process. It is in this tension of fixed versus impulse, restrictive versus fluid, where flaws give rise to virtues. Just as everything in the natural world does, their works and process have both yin and yang aspects, for instance shadow cannot exist without light, surrender cannot exist without control. Using water, air, earth – running them through the creative fire in order to bring their visions into being.

Christi’s work is inspired by shapes inherently formed in our minds and in the greater cosmos. A major focus of her work is in the peculiarities of the natural world, this focus is combined with sacred geometry and rituals in an attempt to find an instinctive balance of raw and refined. The components used are mostly repurposed or salvaged, allowing previously unwanted objects to live a new life.

Cheryl’s work seeks to draw the viewer in close, begging an intimate interaction, as if being read like a book. Through a contrast of organically made marks and meticulous printmaking techniques, she forms compositions, which transcend the two-dimensional. Inspired, at a young age, by her mother’s mark making as a hands-on interior designer, her work has a deep-rooted sensitivity to geometry and space.

Feel free to lift any of the images above for your social media channels of choice. We prefer instagram 'cause somehow over the last year and a half we've embraced the virtual square composition like Josef Albers handled a canvas, so we've supplied six perfect squares above shot by the wonder boy documenteur (new word, just invented it) Oliver Kish (aka I run with the Hunted dot com)... if you find yourself so inclined to post on our behalf, please drop #BRINGintoBEINGshow as well so we can see all the love in one cosmic digital thread.

For any of you that have not been to one of our POPgallery shows, they are probably the most creatively fulfilling acts that we get involved in as a studio.  Personally, I am so passionate about the gallery's efforts as it's our way to support the arts that are essential to our process and the individuals who we collaborate with everyday.  Every single dollar we make goes back to the artists themselves.  We appreciate your support of these amazing emerging artists and look forward to seeing you on September 6th... music by Lovefingers and we 100% guarantee a good time and leaving inspired! XO JM

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