Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Hey All - Get over to and help our good buddy Ben Marcus properly fund his new book project shot by Lucia Griggi.  Ben works with us on much of our writing and story-telling for M.Nii Tailor, and his work is a constant source of inspiration for all of us in the studio.  You can learn more about the project at this link... 365 SURFBOARDS.  100 bucks of support gets you a signed book from Ben and Lucia!

With regard to this snap of Chris Malloy and his Kookbox above, Ben had this to say... "Friends, Romans, photographers, Check out this photo I took with my new HTC 4g LTE cell phone camera. I reckon that is a perfect photo: Lighting, composition, balance, shadows, the intersecting power lines. The tree balances the flatbed, there is a "big wood" theme, the green hills, the winter sky. Right? Or am I yanking my own chain. Could be more light and detail on the board, maybe. Maybe I am just in love with Central California winter colors. I was just futzing around with my cell phone while Lucia shot the real thing, and got lucky. This and the photo of Alex Westmore posing on my SUP at Malibu are my two best photos. And I ain't no photographer. Too many of them as there is. I'm kvelling, please excuse me. I am buried deep in this 365 Surfboards. The publisher gave me two months and a four-figure photo budget to assemble 365 surfboards and write 70,000 words. Blah. Pressure + stress = kvelling." - Ben

Go help a brother out... 365 SURFBOARDS!

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