Thursday, March 22, 2012

Two Shows...TOO many shows...GO TO SHOWS!

So obviously, I have been neglecting the'll have to go no further than instagram (@bonfirebeachkids) to find my new digital pastime and only good excuse. See, this years been sorta bonkers...good bonkers. New projects right and left and finally seeing the goods on the projects I've been passionate for a while hitting the stores...Quiksilver Women's looks better than ever, Pretty Penny just hit the shelves at American Rag in LA and online at Need Supply Co., and VSTR finally hit the floor at Ron Herman in LA and Pilgrim in Brooklyn! So YEAH, we've been kinda busy. Busy, busy, busy...but definitely not short of inspired, we've just been putting the juice into our projects vs on the blog. Anyway, this weekend I won't be able to make Nat's show in SF, but I am definitely gonna get by Marfa Amigos at Heath and Caitlin Wylde's My Heart is In The Land show.

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