Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunset Circles, This Friday night at POPgallery... 7pm to 10pm

Early last year, I had the pleasure of creatively connecting with an amazing community of artists from the Outer Sunset neighborhood in San Francisco. Since then, we have been making continuous trips up north to collaborate with Serena-Mitnik Miller on various studio-related projects. Serena and her husband, Mason St Peter, are the proprietors of the General Store on Judah Street, which besides being one of my favorite retail stores, is also the heart and soul of this incredible community. And it's worth mentioning that I went to kindergarten with Kyle Field (yes, kindergarten…my longest standing friendship), and over the last thirty-plus years Kyle has been the single most influential person on my own creative process through his amazing talent as an artist, musician, and most-importantly, as a friend. I often post Serena and Kyle happenings on the site...but here's your chance to come and see their magic along with the talents of their amazing community of peers...

Opening reception: Friday April 22, 2011, 7–10pm

SUNSET CIRCLES is a collection of work from a circle of artists contributing to or inspired by the Sunset, an artistic community nestled in the dunes of San Francisco. The artists include:
• Jeff Canham
• Julie Cloutier
• Kyle Field
• Katie Goldman Macdonald
• Mason St Peter
• Serena Mitnik-Miller
• Jay Nelson
• Jesse Schlesinger
• Orion Shepherd
• David Wilson

A circle of artists gather in a neighborhood pillared by the sea, they gather ideas and draw inspiration from the wild and unrefined scenery, and the community they’ve cultivated amongst it. The underlying theme of the work celebrates a circle emcompassing the minimal, natural, handmade and organic forms, materials and resourcefulness that the artists, through simple, bold, and intricate expression, brandish in their reverence for their pelagic community.

3505 Helms Ave.
Culver City, CA 90232

For further information please contact
Gallery Director / Ann Gordon

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