Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the winner is...

Yesterday, Surfline ran a great piece on the legendary Stubbies Classic at Burleigh Heads, March 18, 1977. The last image is of the man above, Michael Peterson as he was declared winner. I had the pleasure of shaking this mans hand about six years ago, not far away from this same spot. The years haven't been so kind, but this image portrays the legend no one will ever forget. And I have to give some serious props to Cheyne Horan for this turn below. As a little grom, Cheyne was blowing my mind three decades ago! Seriously, consider the equipment he was riding! This grab was so far beyond the sport itself in 1977 & still holds it's own today. And by the way, the article said this was Cheyne's professional debut...


  1. Hi Guys. Do you know who took the photo of MP above?

  2. It's a great image, but I can night remember where I sourced it from...probably from one of a hundred surf books on my shelf. R.I.P. Michael Peterson!