Saturday, May 30, 2009

Date Night!

I'm no food critic, but last night was a meal not to be forgotten. In fact, I had been looking forward to eating at Restaurant 'As' in Amsterdam for a few days since Roman had recommended this spot as "bohemian, candle lit, and existing in an old church." Ah yeah, exactly. Sounds like my kind of spot.

So 15 minutes before I left for dinner, Chris (my hot date), flaked on me for some excel sheets and I just couldn't say no to a night out with yours truly. So I grabbed the latest issue of RUSSH (pretty good, by the way), put on a new shirt and headed out to dinner solo. Amsterdam was particularly beautiful yesterday, and a good dinner made perfect sense. One of those days where every detail I saw could inspire next season's collection, every song lyric I hear is a tee-shirt graphic and I want to put everyone around me in a look book (young and old!)...

Anyway, I got to 'As' and instead of sitting inside the beautiful architecture, they had the garden patio open with communal wood tables (of course). So I found myself a tucked away little corner (dreamed of Hannah sitting across from me) and sat out to enjoy my three courses of the chef's selection - all organic farmers market fair - nothing fancy, just incredibly fresh and cleaned my plate on all three courses. Even left room for strawberry rhubarb (or something of the sort???)...When the sun began to lower around 9:30, the hostess wrapped me up in a folksy sort of woolen blanket (of course), the kind you would love to have during any good sunset at the best restaurant around, but never saw before (100% original). Anyway, as you can gather, dinner was pretty good. To top is all off, they called me a taxi and the driver looked like Rutger Hauer from Turkish Delight (1973 - good year). When I jumped in, he was listening to 2HB by Roxy Music...the soundtrack to my night.

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