Thursday, September 18, 2008

I went to NY and the Boys went to Nicaragua...

Here's shots of Gomez, Downing, Smiley (Goe?) & Don Carlo (Brad?) with the native text that accompanied the pics on the web site that is making me crazy with envy. There are plenty more pics where these came from on

Now I get to go surf a south swell at Malibu that never showed up with 5OO dudes... "So today Come Pan made it out in the water again meanwhile Lucha Libre was on the beach doing his thing as well. On the first surf shot of the day we have Sr Gomez “El Chaparon” Bonaparte taking off on a nice sizeable set wave. This guy was charging today but it was a shame that he broke his favorite board and then he decided to call it a day."
Downing took his board out and gave it a try. He was kind of bummed because he didn’t get any water shots yesterday but today he got his money shot setting up for this sweet barrel.
El Pinche Pendejo Goe scored many good waves today, so he had a lot of good photos from the land and from the water making it hard for us to pick his best shot. He was so stoked to hang out with the NSR family and he is already planning another surf trip to Nicaragua very soon.
Our friend Brad didn’t’ paddle out yesterday but after checking out all the sick shots that we took he got so excited and made it out today to score some good ones. Here he is caught with the photo that he says he is going to use for his new face book shot profile.

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