Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Karma

...Magic Monday & Eden Ever Beauty...
Lost wallets suck! You have to replace everything including your license and there's this underlying feeling that some creep is about to crib your entire identity and drain your life savings. So I started off this Monday with a plan of attack - check emails, a quick surf and then off to eat 'M' Cafe with Hannah and my scheduled appointment at the DMV to replace lost license. En route I checked my messages to find that some wonderful women called Modern and told them she had found my wallet in the street. The message was relayed to me and I called "Annie" to see if this was true. I had been curious if there was anyone good left in this world (or in LA?) and there truly is!!! Annie had me come meet her at her work and get my wallet with all of it's contents. So if your ever over off Crenshaw Blvd. in Korea Town, stop by Eden Ever Beauty ( and get the works - "Skincare, Nail Care, Tanning, Wax & Bridal Services." It's a one stop shop!!! Ask for Annabel Lee - she's the President! And if you ever loose your wallet, don't loose hope - Hopefully someone like "Annie" will pick it up and track you down. As if things couldn't get better on this Magic Monday, I came home to find my replacement deck waiting for me at the door complete with see through grip tape!!! Things are looking up!!!

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